In 1971, Bisbell Manufacturing created the first-ever magnetic knife rack, allowing consumers to keep their knives easily at hand, beautifully displayed, and safely stored. Based in the UK for over 40 years, Bisbell has produced magnetic storage solutions specializing in cutting-edge design and technology.

Bisbell magnetic solutions are the perfect way to protect your cutlery investment.The gripping power of non-fading magnets paired with low-friction, slide-on and off action keeps blades sharper longer. A variety of hygienic materials keep Bisbell’s products food-friendly and worry-free.

Whether choosing the clean, crisp designs of the Bisbell Pro line or the fashion-forward, interchangeable colors of MagMates. Bisbell has contemporary yet classic designs to complement your kitchen. For those more inclined to simple, sustainable solutions, the Pro line’s environmentally friendly woods combined with metal will keep blades from getting scratched or dull. For a fun, colorful approach to storage, MagMates blade guards and pods will put color back in your cooking time.